Help! my father added mirepoix vegetables to stuffing mix but didn't sauté them first

Will I have raw vegetables in my stuffing? I haven't added any if the liquid ingredients or binders yet; wondering if I could spread everything out on a sheet pan to roast for a bit and then proceed as usual.

Katherine Major
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1 Comment

Nancy November 26, 2015
Not to worry. The vegetables will cook, maybe in a minute or two longer than planned.
Many people prefer to cook the stuffing outside the bird, as it gives more control and food safety for both dishes.
Even if you were planning to stuff the bird, maybe you should should choose the separate-cooking method. Then you can add your liquid ingredients and binders.
And to ensure you get turkey flavor in the stuffing (now maybe called "dressing"), cook it with some turkey broth and/or serve with turkey gravy.
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