Do you have some suggestions to jazz up a boxed stuffing mix. The recipe just calls for onions and celery. I don't like stuffing so I don'thave much practice. I am on a tight budget. I'm cooking for 35 Seniors tomorrow. This will be baked in a pan.

  • Posted by: nutcakes
  • November 18, 2010


innoabrd November 19, 2010
I usually dry the bread in a convection oven at low temp, so you can do whenever and store in baggies at room temp for damn near forever...
nutcakes November 19, 2010
I dislike stuffing so have no interest in making any effort on it as I've done in the past. I have homemade cornbread on the table so don't want to make cornbread stuffing, plus I have purchased the stuffing mix already and my budget is tight. I regret it, and wish I has squirreled away some half off bread, but space in the fridge and freezer is an issue. I'm going with the basics and some TiggyBee suggestions as well as add some plain bread from odds and ends to cut the salt, thanks for that DrBabs, no need to correct spelling when intent is clear. No budget for mushrooms and goodies. I'm making too may other nice things to worry about this one much. It is only there because it has to be. Next year I'm determined to nix it.
innoabrd November 19, 2010
apples are a key ingredient in our family dressing (its only stuffing if it comes inside a bird!), along with a bunch of mushrooms, sauteed in lots of butter. I like a bit of sausage, but then, pork makes everything better. Even cardboard.
stephinboston November 19, 2010
I'm not as cynical as Pierino, Williams Sonoma has some great jarred chestnuts. If you follow the first suggestion, throw those in, opt in or out on cider and sausage (I would opt in) you've got a great start to a good dressing. But with all that effort, I bet you could throw the box and make an excellent one from scratch!!!!
pierino November 18, 2010
You might try shredding the box itself in a food processor so that the seniors are getting enough fiber. Otherwise I don't have any ideas...
Nora November 18, 2010
Please look in Food52 for my cornbread dressing (actually, my dad's cornbread dressing) and do not use the box. Period. It is sooo easy to make something good that you'll be proud of. We'll all raise a glass in your honor.
campagnes November 18, 2010
There aer some interesting suggestions in this slideshow:
campagnes November 18, 2010
I agree with all of the above. You could also sub a bit of apple cider or juice for the water called for. Some people like sausage in their stuffing (personally not a fan.. I think it's too heavy) and chopped toasted pecans/walnuts or chestnuts.
drbabs November 18, 2010
Sorry...stuffing mixes. (cell phone typing...never good.)
drbabs November 18, 2010
I like tiggybee's suggestions. I also think that those studying mixes are pretty salty, so I would add in some good stale bread to cut the saltiness.
TiggyBee November 18, 2010
I'm assuming this already has the sage and thyme in it, so how about fresh parsley, dried cranberries, apples, carrots, celery, raisins, etc.
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