How can I convert a Beef Stew recipe normally cooked on top of the stove in a dutch oven to a slow cooker crock pot

  • Posted by: Marie
  • November 30, 2015


Susan W. November 30, 2015
I looked at the good links that Nancy posted. One thing I didn't see mentioned is that you should reduce the amount of liquid you use. It's quite astonishing how much they create. Also, if you normally brown your meat when you make stew, do that in a separate pan and deglaze the pan with some of your wine or broth and add it to your slow cooker. Let us know how it turns out.
Nancy November 30, 2015
Agree, thanks SusanW for the supplement. (My error - I thought the lesser-liquid advice was in one of my sources, but it wasn't.)
Susan W. November 30, 2015
Nancy, they spoke of liquid, but they said to add 1/2 cup to any roast. It's not at all necessary to even do that unless you are trying to replicate a braise which is what a slow cooker is so good at doing.
Nancy November 30, 2015
one source has a chart on converting times from regular to low temp or high temp slow cooker:
and another has technique tips:
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