Four emails from you a day = spam. Plus, you won't even ship to me because I live in Australia! STOP!



Diana B. December 4, 2015
I'm not sure those of us living Stateside really appreciate the barrage of holiday emails from Food52 (and most of the other sites I do business with), either. I've spent the last few weeks hitting the 'unsubscribe' button for a lot of sites I actually like doing business with because they seem not to understand that inundating customers is a good way to lose them. entirely.
702551 December 4, 2015
The aggressiveness of merchants reached an all-time high this past Thanksgiving week.

My inbox has been flooded with messages from various organizations: commercial sites, art organizations (soliciting donations), entertainers, etc.

I even got spammed by one restaurant group whom I have never given my e-mail address for a list (they probably harvested it from an OpenTable reservation) and have literally received messages from about ten different restaurants.

Even normally respectful organizations that send out weekly e-mails have sent two, three, sometimes four e-mails this past week.

This has been a highly active week in culling my existing e-mail subscriptions and reinforcing the notion that I should be very wary of signing up for any e-mail newsletters in the future.

I don't use any special filtering rules on my inbox, but I use a separate e-mail account for signing up for newsletters. My phone does not download messages from this account, only my computer.

Even so, the volume of commercial e-mail this past week has been insane.

Thank God I'm not on Facebook.

Disclaimer: I do not receive the Food52 e-mail newsletter.
Leslie S. December 2, 2015
Hi freesumpin, to follow up on Sarah's answer, I just wanted to let you know that the email team met about this this morning—we can understand how frustrating this must be and are looking into solutions so that you can stay subscribed to the editorial emails you love!
Sarah J. December 1, 2015
Hi freesumpin,

Sorry these emails are bothering you. You can easily unsubscribe on any email (just scroll down to the bottom: "Click here to unsubscribe or manage your preferences." Alternatively, you can go into your "Account Settings" right here on the website and unsubscribe from there.
freesumpin December 3, 2015
So it's all or nothing at all, eh? Take it or leave it with nothing as an alternative - like three or four emails a week, not a day?
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