I can't find fresh figs for the Rosemary Ricotta cake. Is there another fruit I can substitute?

Melissa Kretschmer


Nancy October 19, 2018
Out of season or out of stock where you are? Tough.
Pending the recipe author's response, here are a couple ideas.
1) If you really want the fig flavor, locate some fig jam (in Italian grocers or delicatessens or online, if you have time). Use it both inside the cake and for the topping. Reduce the sugar in the recipe, as there will be plenty in the jam.
2) Reconstitute dried good quality figs and use them.
3) Select another fruit that is in top quality near you. This will make a good but completely different cake.
4) Use top quality frozen fruit...some berry mixtures give very nice color and taste, or rhubarb, or other you like.
Emma L. October 19, 2018
Hi Melissa! I bet apricots would be great with the rosemary and I imagine they would bake similarly, too. Plus, they'd be so pretty on top! Just cut them in a similar size to what would've been quartered figs.
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