I'm looking for a commercial kitchen in the Los Angeles Area to rent for ice cream production

Hi There,
I'm an ice cream maker trying to find a commercial kitchen to rent (on a part-time basis) in Los Angeles, the valley, Glendale, Thousand Oaks or Pasadena. Kitchen needs to have a license to handle dairy.
I would be bringing all my equipment. Would just need to use freezer/fridge, oven and obviously counter space. If you have any leads, please post or email :) Thanks for your help!

Sanders Marvin
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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. December 17, 2015
This previous thread on the topic might give you some leads: https://food52.com/hotline/24755-i-m-looking-for-a-commercial-kitchen-in-the-los-angeles-area-to-rent
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