how do you keep crystallized caramel from not becoming syrupy overnight.?

I make "caramel" dust by taking my sugar to the deep amber color. pouring it out and letting it set to harden. Then pulverize it in the processor. When i go to use it as "dust" on top of anything, dry and hard chocolate, like bark, then by the next day it is syrupy and not the dust it started out as and I want the "caramel dust". HELP please please.

Ruth Anderson
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1 Comment

702551 December 17, 2015
My guess is that it's the humidity. Candymakers and pastry cooks deal with this all the time, especially in the summer.

I suggest you find an airtight container for storage and include a silica gel packet or two.

Regardless, due to the particulars of your environment, you will likely need to make this on a more frequent basis than someone who lives in a low-humidity microclimate.
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