I made these cookies tonight and the dough seems pretty dry. I have never made cut out cookies so maybe this is normal? I followed it perfectly......

.... It stays together in a ball and seems like it will roll fine but it's dry. Is this ok?

Gotowanie Girl
Holiday Cut-Out Cookies
Recipe question for: Holiday Cut-Out Cookies


Amanda H. December 17, 2015
When you say dry, do you mean falling apart?
Gotowanie G. December 17, 2015
If I dig into it with a spoon, a chunk will break or crumble off.
Amanda H. December 17, 2015
Yes that sound a little dry. I would sprinkle a little water over the dough and work it in. You don't want a moist or loose dough -- it needs to be firm so you can roll it and cut it, but it shouldn't be crumbly either. Hope this helps!
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