Light lunch ideas for company?

I will have houseguests for a few days before Christmas. We have the dinners all figured out- and they are all pretty substantial meals. I am having trouble thinking of lighter lunch ideas that aren't green salads or soups (already doing those for the dinners). Was thinking of maybe a grain salad. I'd like something with minimal prep, not too heavy, yet festive. Eating out is not an option, unfortunately. Ideas?

  • Posted by: Megan
  • December 18, 2015


Exbruxelles December 22, 2015
We just hosted one of these lunches. Fish tacos, fresh guacamole, papaya salsa (with pomegranate seeds--not traditional, but festive,) coleslaw with peppadew peppers, kumquats and cilantro. Chips. Beer. The whole thing came together in less than an hour.
creamtea December 19, 2015
I like Barbara's idea of a sandwich-making lunch. You could put out sliced hard-cooked eggs, good quality jarred tuna like Ortiz, washed lettuce, a choice of interesting condiments and spreads (harissa or sriracha-mayo, garlic-parsley mayo, guac, cured lemons). Alternatively, a big platter of spaghetti. If it were me, I might order in a pizza--minimal prep and cleanup. I hate being the angry hostess due to too much meal prep!
Nancy December 19, 2015
Consider bean & pasta salad (various combos and seasonings possible), tortilla espanola, quiche Lorraine, frittata, a lighter lasagne than usual. All these have some carbs and some protein, to give people energy and line their stomachs before the indulgences of the evening, and are a quick mix or cook, bake and store in the fridge.
drbabs December 19, 2015
Megan, why is it all on you? Can you have good bread and cold cuts in the house and have a make your own sandwich lunch? Taco fixings and make tacos? Order in a pizza? That said, I rely on the Quinoa and Kale crustless quiche on this site for occasions like those. There's also an article on how to make a grain salad without a recipe here as well.
Megan December 19, 2015
Thanks drbabs! You are right, I should really take it easy for at least one lunch! Cold cuts are a good idea.
caninechef December 23, 2015
I love this crustless quiche, you could easily eat it for any meal of the day.
Veronica F. December 18, 2015
This salad (not green) might also work for you:
Veronica F. December 18, 2015
This grain salad would be perfect for you. Looks like a long list of ingredients but it's mainly putting things together. Festive too (dried cranberries)! Amanda Hesser's Radish and Pecan Grain Salad:
Megan December 19, 2015
This looks delicious and I can't believe I've never seen it before. I might do this one day and cold cuts the other. Thanks! Love the hotline for uncovering f52 favorites that I've somehow missed!
Coco E. December 18, 2015
First thing that came to mind was cold soba noodle in chilled green tea and soft boiled egg. You could cook the soba noodles and egg the night before, then just soak them in cold green tea for 5 minutes and top with the eggs. I would garnish with some scallions (finely snipped with scissors), roasted seaweed, and toasted sesame.
Megan December 19, 2015
This sounds so intriguing. Not sure it's right for these particular guests but something to try in the future. Thanks!
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