Mother's Day Weekend Menu

I need to figure out food options for 2 lunches, 1 breakfast and 1 dinner for a group of 5 adults and one 16 month old. I'd like to make something that's relatively uncomplicated (o.k if it cooks long in the oven, but no time for fussing over the stovetop) and/or can be transitioned into other meals. The problem is I have 3 adults avoiding starches. (no rice, potatoes, quiches, also no pork) and I don't want to cook separately for my toddler and the adults. Although, the toddler will eat most anything that he can chew. I can always steam up some vegetables and serve fish but would like something more interesting than that. A crustless quiche is probably a definite for one morning. Fish and veg in parchment another, any other ideas?



SKK May 11, 2012
There is nothing better than a simple fresh fish for dinner. Halibut is in season here, and I love your idea of halibut and vegetables in parchment paper. And you can get fancy with this salad

Lunches: This strawberry salad is amazing with a side of sliced meats and cheeses and another lunch with this panfried chickpea salad. I really like this recipe because you can put whatever vegetables are in season into it - very flexible

Please let your guests help you with prep! You are a Mom too, and it is your week-end also!

Esther P. May 11, 2012
A whole salmon always looks special and impressive... I get the man on the fish counter to fillet and pin bone it, then you can shove some lemon slices and a bit of dill/ whatever else you fancy between the two fillets, wrap it up in a parchment and foil combo and you're well away, especially as the prep can be done in advance and the parcel can sit in the fridge till you're ready. Leftover salmon in ramekins with egg and a bit of spinach for breakfast? I'd probably do something like brisket in a sturdy tomato/veggie sauce... I can't imagine what people who don't eat starches eat instead (pass me the bread, rice, pasta, and potatoes please!) but I'm guessing with a filling sauce they'll manage! Or how about a lasagne, but with aubergine or courgette slices instead of the pasta sheets? Again, it's a prep ahead and shove in the oven thing, and it'll be easy to eat for your little one too. Good luck! I know it's a challenge to cook for a special weekend with a baby in tow!
Benny May 11, 2012
Hmmm. For a starch less dinner, you can peel ribbons of yellow squash and green zucchini. Use them to substitute pasta in your favorite pasta dish.
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