i made a no-knead bread and the crust got separated from the filling. anyone knows why that happened? the dough rested around 21h...

the recipe said it was ok the dough was to moisty and sticky, it just said to mix things up, not to knead. it said it had to rest for 8 to 20 hours - mine rested for about 21h. i noticed that when putting the mixture in the pan (pre-heated in the oven) it was not cohesive, it had more the consistency of a cake dough... i would appreciate some help. the bread is tasty, but i would like to make it properly the next time, with a nice crust :)

Teresa Leonor


RussellW December 30, 2015
I make Jim Lahey's recipe as well as a Bosnian Bread recipe that was in the Times a few years ago. Both require mixing without kneading and both require lengthy rests. If it's too "liquidity", you need to add flour. If it's too dry, add water. It's a simple as that. In both cases, a little at a time. Small adjustments will get you the result you're looking for. Good luck!
Courtney C. December 22, 2015
The no-knead recipe that I use (Jim Lahey's) calls for two rises - one for 12-18 hours, and a second for 2 hours. Before the second rise, you shape the dough into a round, which helps with the consistency. Also, the recipe calls to bake the bread in a 4-5 quart dutch oven that is pre-heated in the oven - this really helps with the crust. I find that the more times I make it the better it gets - just keep practicing! Happy Holidays!
Teresa L. December 30, 2015
thank you for your answer! yes, mine also called for a second rise, between 1 to 2 hours. but after the first one I couldn't shape the dough that well into a round, because it was too liquid... i also pre-heated the oven and put a pan with water inside, to maintain humidity. maybe it was a mistake...?

anyway, i also believe practice will make it better, so i'll try again for sure. thank you and happy new year :)
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