Overworked, too damp pie crust

I wanted to make my pie dough ahead of time. I think I added too much water. I have the dough resting overnight in refrigerator for pie-baking tomorrow. Is there any way to save this without getting a tough crust, or should I just start over? (I use a food processor to mix things because I have hot hands.)

Dea Henrich


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Sam1148 November 19, 2012
If you have everything set up...it might be best to start over. Here's some tips
Keep everything cold (you probably know that one)
Replace 1/2 of the water used with 1/2 vodka. Vodka won't make ice crystals and lowers the freezing point. and bakes off without taste and doesn't add protein strands to the dough.
When you put the butter, flour, salt..etc in the food processor...reserve 1 cup of flour and add that as a second 'dump' to the food processor. The second 'dump' coats coats all the bits well with flour.
Then add the liquid by hand, and feel it until it comes together. Then a rest in the 'fridge.
Always go shy on the water/liquid its should come together when your press on it...doing that by hand is better trying for the 'dough ball' in the food processor.

Google "Vodka Pie Crust" for a good tech using vodka..and ignore the adding liquid in the processor bit.
CookLikeMad November 19, 2012
I agree with lloreen. And since you're using a food processor, it will be quick to recreate at least!
lloreen November 19, 2012
start over. Pie crust is my nemesis and I feel your pain.
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