Can I substitute half and half for whipping cream when making caramel?

  • Posted by: ROSE
  • December 23, 2015


LeBec F. December 23, 2015
If you mean Caramel SAUCE, then yes; but if you mean caramels that you cut for candy- then no; candy making is a very unforgiving medium, at least it can be.
Samantha W. December 23, 2015
Hi Rose!

Yes, in a pinch! While I've never personally done this, it looks like you can sub half and half for heavy cream in a caramel recipe. The difference in fat content between heavy cream and half and half would be a problem if you were making whipped cream, but not with caramel sauce. There might be a small difference in texture, but would probably only be discernible to you. Let us know if you run into any issues!
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