Whipped cream or ice cream?

I'm making a caramel-pecan-apricot tart for a dinner party this weekend. Wondering whether ice cram, whipped cream (or something else?) is the right accompaniement?

Jocelyn Grayson


creamtea March 2, 2017
my first thought was ice cream. But after eyeballing the recipe I'm thinking (softly-) whipped cream. I'm not good at decisions...
aargersi March 2, 2017
This has been a polarizing question at dinner parties here. People do not take this topics as lightly as, say, global warming or the existence of extraterrestrial life. I have found that in order too avoid fights, scornful looks, gnashing of teeth and rending of garments, it's best to have both. You migh want both caffinated and decaf coffee too.
Jocelyn G. March 2, 2017
The sweetness level is a good point. Here's the ingredient list. I am wondering if I'd be better of with crème fraîche. (Sorry it's sideways).

Nancy March 2, 2017
If you're undecided, or diners have different sugar tolerance, go with Chops' idea of both & let people choose at the table.
sexyLAMBCHOPx March 2, 2017
Both! : )
Nancy March 2, 2017
IMHO all are right.
Depends on your family and guests tolerance/desire for sweets.
If high, use ice cream or sweetened whipped cream.
If the tart is sweet enough, top with unsweetened yogurt, sour cream, cream fraiche or whipped cream.
HalfPint March 2, 2017
I'm a recent convert to this whipped cream flavored with freeze-dried fruit from Bravetart, http://www.seriouseats.com/recipes/2016/08/super-thick-fruity-whipped-cream-recipe.htm

Thick and so stable you can make it ahead of time. I recently made a strawberry one and used it as the frosting for my daughter's birthday cake.
Shauna H. March 2, 2017
So my first thought was to have a perfect little scoop of a really good vanilla ice cream with this - especially if the tart is being served warm.
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