What should I do with all this smoked meat?

We received a gift basket with a boneless ham, boneless smoked turkey breast, and smoked pork loin. I think the ham and turkey are spiral sliced. We are a 2 person household so I'm planning to divide the meat up in smaller portions and freeze it. I'd love some ideas for how to use it up.

  • Posted by: kate
  • December 27, 2015


ChefJune December 30, 2015
Well, Feijoada is a wonderful idea for those smoked meats. With a few pounds of beans, you could literally regale an army! My friend Yara Roberts has a web site and book and I can attest her Feijoada recipe is superb. http://www.thebraziliantable.com/
SeasonToTaste December 27, 2015
A little diced (e.g., 4 oz.) will go a long way as a "seasoning" in lots of dishes: pasta carbonara, rice salad, frittata, braised white beans or as a topping for a salad.
charlenecara December 27, 2015
You can grind the ham, mix it with dill pickles and mayo (or use light mayo or mix of mayo and greek yogurt). It makes an amazingly delicious spread for baguette or crackers. The pork loin would cook up beautifully with some white beans I bet, as a soup with some tomatoes and basil. I would shred any of those three meats and put them on top of salad or as pizza or quesadilla.
Nancy December 27, 2015
A few ideas for the smoked turkey breast:
1) slice for sandwiches
2) heat and eat as a main dish at lunch or dinner
3) use in a kosher version of Feijoada, which anyone can cook & where the turkey and some beef or goose meat stand in for the usual pork
4) serve with eggs...either chopped and mixed in scrambled eggs, or sliced and fried with sunny-side up.

Smaug December 27, 2015
Feijoada is a great idea- a feijoada completa is likely to contain every sort of smoked meat known to man, though spiral sliced isn't ideal. Of course, any sort of beans work well with any sort of smoked meats- Red Beans and Rice (the ultimate ham leftover dish) and quick versions of cassoulet are also good possibilities.
kate December 30, 2015
I've never heard of Feijoada but it sounds like a great idea! Thank you.
Smaug December 30, 2015
Feijoada is the Brazilian national dish. Unfortunately I can't recommend a particular recipe; the one I got from Brazilian friends many years ago, a several day project, disappeared in a move and I haven't made it since, but you could do a perfectly good one day version; mine was a major party recipe best cooked in a cannibal pot.
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