switching to gas!

I know that this question has been asked in the past, but I'm asking it again in case things have changed. We are finally (finally!) making the switch to a gas range this year. And while I would love to get some sort of souped up, massive, industrial strength, fifteen burner Viking range that may not be entirely probably unless my lucrative career as some sort of industrial spy gets off the ground. Assuming that is not the case, I am interested in recommendations for good quality gas ranges that might not break the bank. Simmer function a must. And....since I have you, and since we'll need an oven as well - thoughts on convection vs electric? Brands?

  • Posted by: Niknud
  • December 28, 2015


aargersi December 29, 2015
I have a 5 burner double oven LG gas range. I too wanted an electric oven (dual fuel setup) but we don't have a 220 plug back there ... Make sure you DO before you order your stove! Ask me how I know that! ?. That said, I LOVE my stove - the smallest flame works fine as a simmer burner and the big guy cranks some serious heat. We bought it when we started hosting TDay for 30 people, and it has gotten us through - the lower oven can accomodate a 25 lb turkey is you remove one rack. For small / everyday cooking the upper oven works great, and as a pie / dressing / whatever oven. PLUS - the interior is blue!!!
Susan W. December 28, 2015
Lol. I really want to be an industrial spy now. Looking for a trade school. My mom has a Wolf range/oven. The oven is a natural convection which is very cool. Here's the deal with the on off simmer burner..when that one breaks, it costs $700-$900 to replace. Ouch. I find the regular burners do a fine job of simmering. We're not allowed to use the simmer burner unless it's absolutely necessary. Mom's rules. Lol.

My dream kitchen is gas stovetop and double electric oven. I prefer an electric oven a little bit over gas oven. I'd probably want convection in one of the ovens, but it's not a deal breaker.
702551 December 28, 2015
Susan W. is right, regular gas burners do a fine job at simmering. If you are worried about hot spots, get a cast iron flame diffuser for $15 and make any burner a "simmer" burner.

A cast iron flame diffuser doubles as a trivet when not being used on the stove.
LeBec F. December 28, 2015
convection convection convection. everything is better in convection: roasting, baking.
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