can i replace vegetable shortening with olive oil?

  • Posted by: rina
  • January 12, 2016


Nancy January 15, 2016
Update from a chef both raised in an Italian family and who spent time cooking in Italy. This week on The Chew, Mario Batali made a vegetable fritto misto with olive oil heated to 370F, and specifically addressed the myth that we are not to fry with olive oil. Also, in response to question, he said italians would use that oil for frying three times. After 1st & 2nd, filter through a paper coffee filter. After 3rd, pour in the garden. (I have my doubts about the last.)
Nancy January 13, 2016
Thanks, Judith Jones, for the better information on danger in frying olive oil at high temps.
Nancy January 12, 2016
For what use?
If frying, can do, but a waste of olive oil.
For baking, yes, worth it, gives fine results.
For pastry, doubt it...think the olive oil won't give the right texture.
Judith J. January 13, 2016
Any time the temperature of the olive oil is going to be over 350 degrees - then NO. The oil then becomes a carsigenic (spelling is incorrect) but you get the idea. Use a walnut oil, coconut oil or peanut oil for frying.
Nancy January 13, 2016
Oh, wait Judith Jones.
On further reflection, I searched the web for evidence that olive oil is carcinogenic at over 350F, but found no confirmation. Only this sceptical article from 2012.
Do you have more recent research evidence substantiating this claim?
Caroline L. January 12, 2016
hi rina, it depends on what you're using the shortening in! what are you making?
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