Questions About 52 Recipe Contests

I have read the 52 reference pg. about the Contests but didn't see answers for the below questions.
1) when are the non-semi finalist recipes released so they can be edited further?(i.e. recipes not chosen for testing in this current Empty The Frig contest and recipes not chosen as the 2 finalists, announced today, in the current Best Thing You Ate This Year)
2) when are the Community Picks decided by the 52 Editors and when do those chosen-appear on the recipe author's profile page?(i.e. the current Best Thing You Ate) Thx much.

LeBec Fin


sexyLAMBCHOPx January 12, 2016
I'm so confused.
LeBec F. January 11, 2016
ct, did you notice that the same was true of your original CP recipes in the Best You Ate contest?
creamtea January 12, 2016
LBF it looks like there are two questions here.
1) the editing feature is "locked" until the competition is completely finished. But if you wanted to submit a "locked" recipe to a newer contest, you just need to email the editors. All of the recipes seem to be "locked" even the ones not up for finalist or cp; "it ain't over till its over".

2) sometimes it happens that a recipe achieves CP status. If you see that your recipe is announced as a CP, there should be a notification on the recipe page (e.g. "this recipe is a Community Pick!" and there should be a review. It has happened that the eds forgot to either add this note or in some cases forgot to include the review. I guess I'm a stickler so when it's happened, I just send an email and they've corrected it. The eds. are very responsive and good that way.

Sometimes in the publishing rush things get overlooked (especially during busy times of year). So no matter the problem, you can write them and state the problem clearly, include a link to the recipe, and if there's an oversight, they'll correct it.
creamtea January 12, 2016
LBF although I had several recipes up for CP testing in The Best Thing You Ate This Year, only one made CP, the Jasmine tea Sachlav that you tested (Thanks!); it looks like my others were probably tested but didn't make the cut this time, alas.
Caroline L. January 11, 2016
hi there le bec fin! i hope this answers your questions:

1. recipes that are not chosen as semifinalists or finalists will reopen for editing once the contest is completely over—that is, once a winner is announced. (this always happens on wednesdays.)
2. the community picks and finalists are announced on fridays—the friday about a month after the contest is announced. in the case of "the best thing you ate this year," the contest was announced 12/7 and the community picks/finalists were announced 1/8. the "community pick" or "finalist" designations appear on the user's profile page immediately.

LeBec F. January 11, 2016
caroline,i guess it's cleaner communication if i ask it this way. to use my own recipe as an example, my Melt in your mouth Maple Pecan
polvorones was listed amoong the CPs on 12/7 but was not chosen as a finalist. but it is not among my CPs on my profile page. Does that mean that one of these was true: no one signed up to test it so it wasn't tested
OR it was tested but deemed not to be CP worthy? Thx for the clarification.
creamtea January 11, 2016
LBF, if your recipe was a CP but there may have been an error, just write the editors, ([email protected]) with a link to the recipe page or maybe the CP announcement, to correct it. Mistakes happen!
LeBec F. January 11, 2016
caroline, i looked at the profile page of a number of the CPs announced 12/7, and none of them include their Best You Ate recipe among their CPs on their profile page.

Being someone who hates to see my recipe errors uncorrected, I ask this: Would 52 consider freeing up all recipes (for editing)chosen in a contest's preliminary pre- testing when th semi-finalists are announced?
Caroline L. January 15, 2016
hi le bec fin,

just wanted to clarify—your melt in your mouth maple pecan polvorones (which look delicious!) were nominated to be considered for a community pick; at that point, community members test those recipes, and we choose community picks and finalists based on the reviews of the testers. because your polvorones were not chosen to be community picks, they don't have the "community pick" designation on your profile. but you should be able to edit the recipe!

if you still are not able to edit the recipe, please email [email protected] and we're more than happy to help (and we'll report at technical error to our tech team).
amysarah January 15, 2016
Caroline, sorry to be a nudge, but...I'm confuzzled too. If you enter a recipe in a contest, and after vetting is complete, it doesn't become a community pick - should you see the "edit recipe" button back in its usual spot as soon as cp's are announced? My experience is that it takes quite a while for it to reappear... And tangentially, are cp's ONLY culled from contest entries, or do you look outside of that, through regular recipes, to find them as well? (Maybe that's a Wild Card, though not sure if you do that anymore.) I've always found the process a little mystifying.
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