CRUMMY Pie Books!

52's recent Tart Contest has me thinking alot more about pies and tarts.and, especially, new and different tart shells. So I got today, from my local library, a copy of Handheld Pies, and Magpie. CruMMY! Both of them have no mention of alternative flours (except Magpie, which includes a cornmeal crust.whoopie.) 'Whole wheat' isn't even in the index of these 2 books! but they have lots of pretty pictures......

LeBec Fin


sexyLAMBCHOPx February 12, 2016
Alternative baking with alternative flours for the norm is still pretty new. The popularity has only been what 4-54years and before that considered "hippy-ish, unnecessary & paranoid". When you go back to the library check the copyright date and seek out alternative, subject specific or any/and baking cookbooks. If you think there is a need write your own cookbook, seriously. With Google Docs and Amazon you can offer baking recipes and ingredients other than flour.
702551 February 12, 2016
Cary's right. Not every cookbook author is going to write specifically for your interests. That's rather a self-centered worldview on your part, thinking that everyone on this planet who write about food, should only write about topics you care about in the exact proportion of coverage that you desired (screw everyone else).

Maybe it's time for you to think about what your role in the world is.

Anyhow, maybe you should read the index first before checking the book out. For certain, you should be far more judicious about the books you read. It's *your* time after all, not ours.

And what do we learn from your tirade? Nothing. We already know that there are tons of pie cookbooks that don't address alternative flours.

And you can basically rule out any cookbook written over 10 years ago. Anyhow, good luck.
LeBec F. February 12, 2016
I don't think you or the other posters GETS the issue here. I'm not being cranky; I'm being factual. I'm not asking that 'every cookbook author write books with me in mind." I AM asking that they be responsible and at least INCLUDE mention of alternative flours, and growing health concerns. Knowingly or not, a cookbook author wields a lot of power and has the potential, as we all do, to help make our food world more healthy.
Susan W. February 12, 2016
LBF, I won't go into details, but there is a ton of information about the fact all of these grains are not as healthy as once thought. Many people consider them processed foods. Everyone is entitled to their viewpoints, but many will disagree with you, so those people would probably not see it as a responsible thing to use other grains in their cookbooks. I also don't think every pie, every recipe, or every meal needs to be healthy. I'll bow out of what, once again, is becoming a contentious subject.
Susan W. February 12, 2016
Not every pie baker is interested in using alternative flours. Pie is a very occasional thing for me and when I have it or decide to make one, the last thing I want is a quinoa crust. I want a flakey buttery crust made with white flour. It's pretty easy to take a quick look to see if the author has an interest in alternative flours before you walk out the door.

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Cary February 12, 2016
Boy, you are a tad bit cranky tonight! Why should a baker be obligated to include ingredients if they are not part of their repertoire? I wouldn't want recipes with alternative grains from someone who is only including them because they think they have to.....
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