Is there a difference between a white whole wheat flour and whole wheat flour?

  • Posted by: bmalik
  • January 2, 2012


boulangere January 2, 2012
They're both in the 14-14.5% protein range.
MotherWouldKnow January 2, 2012
Yes. White whole wheat is lighter than regular whole wheat. I've used King Arthur white whole wheat, substituting about 1/4 - 1/3 of white (all purpose) flour with the white whole wheat. As long as the recipe is not very delicate, you won't notice the difference. King Arthur claims its white whole wheat has all the nutrients of regular whole wheat.
SKK January 2, 2012
The difference is in the type of wheat used. White whole-wheat flour is white wheat, which lacks bran color. It also has a milder flavor and softer texture. In contrast, whole-wheat flour is made with red wheat, which is darker in color. It has a slightly bitter taste and a coarser texture. They are both whole grains.
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