What is the difference between white whole wheat flourwhole wheat pastry flour and regular whole wheat

  • Posted by: Kathy
  • September 14, 2014


Susan W. September 14, 2014
White whole wheat is from an actual white wheat. It is softer and some prefer it to traditional ww flour made with red wheat.

Whole wheat pastry flour is made from soft spring wheat. It is lower in protein/gluten, so it makes tender baked goods, but it doesn't work well for yeast breads.

Regular ww flour is made from hard, winter, red wheat.

There is no better or worse between the three. It just depends what you are using it for.
Susan W. September 14, 2014
I also wanted to add, my very basic answers are from Bob's Red Mill site. Tons of info there and on the King Arthur site if you want more details.
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