Can you use quick cooking steel oats in overnight oats?

Hey all,
I'm (obviously) late to the overnight oats bandwagon, but want to try it. I couldn't find regular steel cut oats at my grocery, but they had quick-cooking steel cut oats. Has anyone tried overnight oats with these, or am I better off cooking these the regular way? Just looking for a quick option in the morning- I don't have time to cook, but I have a microwave at work.
Thanks for your help!

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1 Comment

Lindsay-Jean H. March 3, 2016
According to some of the comments on our article on overnight oats (, yes:

Kitspy - "I used quick-cooking steel cut oats last night and it worked just fine. I didn't pre-cook them, just followed as above. I agree though that you want to pre-cook regular steel cut oats."

catalinalacruz - "Yes. I do this with steel-cut oats every morning. I never pre-cook. I use Coaches toasted steel-cut oats. We prefer this to rolled oats, as it has more texture."
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