I need easy cheese making recipes. I'm moving to Costa Rica!

For personal need & 4 friends I need some recipes to make cheeses & butters. I hope to smoke mozzarella & cream cheeses too! Not so easy to get in Costa Rica!

Stacy Cruz


Dona March 15, 2016
What part of Costa Rica will you be going? My son lives there and I spend a couple months a year in Costa Rica. There's a Priceline (Costco) and a Walmart in San Jose. If you're not in the capital it's not hard to find good cheese.
HalfPint March 15, 2016
Those specialty cheeses may be hard to get in Costa Rica, but dairy is a major industry there, http://www.wisfarmer.com/features/dairy-one-of-costa-ricas-major-industries-----jcpg-263963-144911175.html

They have a variety of fresh cheeses, so I don't think you would have a problem finding cream cheese or butter.

Here's how to make smoked mozzarella, http://www.barefootkitchenwitch.com/the_barefoot_kitchen_witc/2011/06/homemade-smoked-mozzarella.html

Rather than looking for simple cheese recipes, I would research where to get good fresh milk in near your eventual home. The locals can probably show you how to make fresh cheeses and butters.
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