I need a dessert to impress but easy to make!

chef Eli


babycakes16 January 26, 2012
I would suggest making a sheet cake or some type of fruit crisp/crumble.
Devangi R. January 25, 2012
How about a passion fruit creme brûlée or passionfruit souffle ... Or passionfruit tiramisu.. If u want to make any of these I can forward you recipes...
nutcakes January 25, 2012
I am rarely served a poached pear. They are lovely though and can seem really special if you make one or two sauces to go with it. It can all be done ahead. Raspberry sauce is dead easy, just pass pureed frozen/thawed berries through a sieve. Make or purchase chocolate sauce. Decorate with fresh raspberries and maybe whipped cream.
allans January 25, 2012
Although I no longer eat banana's, I think Banana's Foster is an amazing, tasty, fast and easy dessert. Served with some ice cream in a lovely bowl, or martini glass- its sure to impress.
Midge January 25, 2012
ok, maybe 40 minutes to bake.;)
Midge January 25, 2012
Clafoutis! Aside from the cherries (when they aren't in season, I use brandied cherries) , you probably have all the ingredients in your pantry and fridge, plus it takes about 5 minutes to throw together and maybe 20-25 to bake. http://food52.com/recipes/167_cherry_clafoutis

p.s. thanks for the pudding nod @hla!
amysarah January 25, 2012
I agree about a clafoutis - and in the winter, I often sub pears for cherries. With a small scoop of good vanilla ice cream (or w/pears, hazelnut or almond gelato,) it really is the perfect dessert without fussing.
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These are delicious and extremely simple: http://franklin.wholefoodsmarketcooking.com/recipes/10109_chocolate_truffles_with_pink_salt
EmilyC January 25, 2012
You might find some inspiration on this list of 10 desserts with five (or fewer) ingredients: http://food52.com/blog/2699_10_desserts_with_5_ingredients_or_fewer
nutcakes January 25, 2012
Good idea. The Chocoate Mousse or the Lazy Mary Lemon Tart (use a shortbread press-in crust or just buy one) would impress.
hardlikearmour January 25, 2012
Can you be more specific?
Midge's Burnt Caramel Pudding is delicious and fairly easy: http://www.food52.com/recipes/9628_burnt_caramel_pudding.
My State Fair Cream Puffs are also delicious, and reasonably easy if you have a food processor: http://www.food52.com/recipes/12395_state_fair_cream_puffs
Boulangere's Cappucino Cheesecake is a bit time intense, but her instructions are amazingly detailed and thorough, plus it's made ahead which is helpful for a dinner party: http://www.food52.com/recipes/11254_cappuccino_cheesecake
SKK January 25, 2012
What impresses and what is easy are dependent on so many variables. For example, my daughter is the pastry queen and can whip up a pie crust and filling faster than with a beautiful piped topping faster than I can load the dishwasher. (Maybe I am exaggerating a little bit.)

Here is an idea http://www.food52.com/recipes/5102_chocolate_dumpit_cake
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