Loquats in dessert?

So here's the thing: me and my mom are starting to come across tress that produce succulent and juicy Japanese plums, aka loquats. I really wanna make them into a yummy dessert soon, other than just making it into preservatives. Any ideas on what to make with these yum plums?



Smaug April 11, 2016
I'd be interested to know what part of the country you're in- never heard the term "Japanese Plums"- perhaps because plums are widely grown here, and they fall into two groups known as European and Japanese plums. I'm not sur where loquats come from- probably the orient- but in Northern California, anyway, they are mostly grown by Portuguese immigrants and their descendants. We never cooked with them- just ate them straight off the tree.
Smaug April 11, 2016
Never heard the term used for loquats, that is.
Deedeelicious April 12, 2016
Yea i live in SC! For some reason they grow a lot over here! Search it up for more info! ?
Caroline L. April 11, 2016
there are some great ideas here! https://food52.com/blog/16462-what-local-fruit-is-the-platypus-of-the-produce-world
Deedeelicious April 12, 2016
Oooooo man that's a nice article thanks !!
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