Summer desserts you can't wait to make

Peach tarts (, blackberry galettes (, plum crisps (, you name it—there's a whole list of summery desserts out there that we can't wait to make (and better yet, eat). With a new season quickly approaching, we're wondering: what desserts are at the top of your list?

Emily Kochman


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Nancy May 17, 2021
Anything using peaches and raspberries (late June and/or early July). Poached peaches with raspberry sauce. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate mousse or Pavlova as base with one or both fruits.
Emily K. May 18, 2021
Hard to wrong with peaches or raspberries :).
HalfPint May 17, 2021
Popsicles! Last summer I made cherry yogurt popsicles. This summer, I think I will attempt the boba popsicles, down to make the boba from scratch.
Emily K. May 17, 2021
Happygoin May 14, 2021
An icebox cake made with ginger snaps. Layer the gingersnapsmwith a lemon curd lightened with whipped cream. Da-lish!! And ever so summery. People ask for it again and again.
Emily K. May 17, 2021
Wow, perfect summer treat! Thanks, Happygoin!
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