Vacation cooking with no oven

My husband and I are spending a week in Maine and the cabin has only stove burners and maybe a toaster oven. I'd love some easy summer recipes, especially some including fresh seafood and in-season foods.



BerryBaby April 16, 2016
We are neighbors! I was just at that Haggen the other day and Zupan's. We have probably crossed paths more than once.
Susan W. April 12, 2016
Just made this tonight in my toaster oven. Cowabunga!! Oregon is all about salmon, but this would work with any thicker fish fillet.
Susan W. April 12, 2016
P.S. Tomatoes are way out of season here, so I used red bell peppers for the color.
BerryBaby April 16, 2016
Sounds wonderful! I'm probably your neighbor, I live in Portland as well. Lots of GREAT fish and seafood. Whole Foods is my favorite place to purchase fresh fish. Have you tried halibut on a cedar plank on the grill? One of my favorites.
Susan W. April 16, 2016
I love cedar plank cooking. I haven't done halibut though, but I will now!

I live in Lake Grove, so Whole Foods, New Seasons, Zupans and Haggen are all within walking distance. Trader Joe's too. However, I like getting my fish from Flying Fish Company. Either the store on Hawthorne or the truck in Multnomah Village. I love that their website lists what's available. Great for planning a meal.
Cynthia April 12, 2016
S Freeport great clam shack
david T. April 12, 2016
Well, if you can abscond with wild blueberries off the park trails - I'd either eat those right off the bush (they taste like hot candy) or use them for whatever recipes or ice cream topping calls for regular blueberries. They are quite delicious.
StrawberryFields April 12, 2016
We're going to be there too early for blueberries and I'm so bummed. Hoping we can find some local frozen or at least some good jam/ice cream. There may still be strawberries to be had locally.
paseo April 12, 2016
I live in midcoast ME and almost never turn on the oven in summer - too many wonderful places to eat out simple lunches and dinners. Breakfast is it and it's stove top. Any fresh shellfish or fish is best cooked out of the oven. Enjoy your stay here wherever it is.
StrawberryFields April 12, 2016
We're going to be in Haborside at Hiram Blake camp. The only nearish food place is Bucks Harborside market and restaurant (which has very good reviews) in South Brooksville. Then there's Blue Hill and Ellsworth further out. We're hoping to do some hiking in Acadia and Isle au Haut. Maybe get out on the water somehow. I'm looking for some good picnicking ideas, too. We'll be there the last week in June--the last week before high season starts! Hopefully the weather will be nice and the tourists few. I've been longing to visit Maine for years and thinking of it gets me through each dreary week at work! I'd love any local secrets you'd be willing to share for hiking, farmers markets, local artisans, weird and wonderful sights, etc.
Ben M. April 12, 2016
If you like asian food doing a stir fry is an easy option even if you don't have a wok a large skillet will work fine. Last night I made a Thai stir fry. I used garlic and chilies but you can leave out the chilies. I pounded them into a paste you could just chop it up. For the sauce for 2 people 2 Tbs of Oyster Sauce/2 Tbs of Soy Sauce/1 tsp of Fish Sauce and a 1 tsp of sugar. The sugar will balance out the salt. Pick your favorite veggies and meat. Garlic/Chilies go in first with the hot oil. Hard veggies go in next get them to about half way done then add meat and sauce. When the meat is about 60 percent done add noodles if you are using them and leafy greens. It is fast and easy and it won't heat up the house that bad. Just make sure you have everything prepped so when you start you just add them in quick succession. My dinner took less than three minutes to cook.

I made homemade rice noodles using a ricer last night but dried noodles are just fine. Just make sure you give them enough time to soften properly. They can't be rushed or your stir fry will have crunchy noodles.

You can even stir fry western style dishes just sub out your favorite sauce and veggie combinations.
StrawberryFields April 12, 2016
Forget vacation, I want this next week!
caninechef April 12, 2016
I love this chowder recipe, I usually make it with cod but I made it once with shrimp for a pot luck lunch to rave reviews.
StrawberryFields April 12, 2016
Yes! I have this one saved as well. Thank you!
Sam1148 April 11, 2016
..,..and another thing.
Bring a mason jar of homemade clarified butter. It's super easy to make. And doesn't need refrigeration after it's made if it's used in a month or so.

StrawberryFields April 12, 2016
For the lobster? : )
Sam1148 April 11, 2016
Low Country Boil.
Bring a large tall stock pot. 4 quarts or more.
You'll need Seafood: Shrimp or Crab or Crawfish or cut up fish.
Irish Potatoes small or cut up, Smoked sausage, Corn on the cob.
Start this out with a bag (not the liquid) of zatarain's seasoning crab/shrimp boil.
Heat the pot with a can of beer. and put in the seasoning bag---this step extracts more flavor from the seasoning.
Let that simmer for 10 mins
Add water and salt according to box specs.
Bring to a boil and put in the sausage (if using) give that 10 mins and put in the potatoes. let those boil about 20 mins, then put in the corn...give that 10 mins--or more depending on the freshness of the corn on the cob. (this time of year you're probably using frozen corn on the cob).
When you think all that is done. Put in the shrimp. Bring it back to a boil...turn it off and cover and give it 10 mins and test the shrimp for doneness.

Drain it and dump it out on newspaper on the patio table with a salad and cocktail sauce and butter, and good bread and wine.
StrawberryFields April 12, 2016
Did you post this on another thread? I think I already copied it from there. I haven't had Low Country Boil in many a year. Does Zatarain's taste like Old Bay seasoning because I've never much liked that. Guess I better take along a big pot!
Sam1148 April 14, 2016
The bagged zatarains doesn't taste like Old Bay. I also dislike the overpowering flavor of Old Bay.
Sam1148 April 11, 2016
You'll be fine. Buy local bread from a baker. Look up Mexican Fruit/seafood salad.
Basically cubes of assorted fruit, with the addition of tomatoes, a chili pepper, Jicama (or drained and rinsed water chestnut). Served dressed with a lime/cumin/garlic/olive oil dressing with grilled shrimp. Or in your case pan fried.

Oh...bring a favorite cast iron pan for the stove. And go to walmart and get some squeeze bottles for oil. They'll have the clear plastic squeeze bottles (like the diner ketchup bottles). Get three of those for peanut oil, olive oil, and vinegar. They have a snap cap but store them upright when transporting.
Another favorite for me for cabin food is the low country boil.
I'll make a second post about that in a moment.
QueenSashy April 11, 2016
This cod stew is to die for, and ultra easy to make I make these clams a lot And this stew too
StrawberryFields April 11, 2016
Thanks so much! I'm not normally a clam lover but these look really good. And so do the other recipes. I'll have to get myself to Penzey's for the Aleppo pepper--I've never been able to find it in a grocery.
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