Chicken Liver Pate w/Cream Cheese or Butter?

My go-to chicken pate calls for 1 lb chicken livers, 3-4T brandy, shallots and garlic, allspice and thyme, apple, butter. I am playing w/ some variations, but I would like to know what I'm getting into. This recipe calls for cream cheese of the same quantity as my butter. What is the effect of using cream cheese instead of butter? (I'm guessing it would not separate, as butter can do, but I am more curious about the flavor difference.) Thx much!!

LeBec Fin


Cav April 12, 2016
For me, good butter is an essential part of the pate flavour. Cream cheese would probably create a similar texture result to a liver mousse, but at the same time flavourwise send it along a strange path to a no-bake liver cheesecake. And when a road looks like ending in a liver meringue pie, I'm choosing the other fork.
Connor B. April 12, 2016
I would imagine that it would be a lot tangier than normal. I like your apple butter idea though, I'll have to try that out!
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