Any Great Chicken Liver Mousse/ Pate Recipes?

While I may be alone in this, the truth is that I REAlly dislike chicken livers except when they're sauteed and combined with a lot of butter and booze. I do love my own- brandy,shallots, apple, thyme, mace, allspice,loads of butter.It's creamy and not at all acrid like plain chicken livers. A small wonderful restaurant in Bar Harbor ME, Burning Tree, makes the only other one i have loved and I am hoping to get that recipe. But then I thought of you 52ers. I will look through the 52 recipes but also wanted to ask: Anyone have a recipe you could link that goes along with my description? Thx so much; I've been having a craving!

LeBec Fin


Windischgirl March 9, 2016
Thanks for posting this...I have 2 lbs of organic, free-range chicken livers in my freezer that want eating...
ChefJune March 9, 2016
I've been thinking the same thing. This is the weekend...
ChefJune March 8, 2016
I have a great one, but I can't print it here because it's Raymond Blanc's mother's recipe from a small book he did of her recipes. However, I can email you the recipe if you like. It's so delicious sometimes I just want to bathe in it...
LeBec F. March 8, 2016
would love that june;thx!
ChefJune March 9, 2016
I'll send it this weekend, Mindy.
702551 March 9, 2016
Several iterations of Raymond Blanc's chicken liver mousse pâté recipe have been posted online (BBC, some other sites). It is worth nothing that some of these posted versions have been edited to discard the first step of soaking the livers in milk, at least one of which stating that this leaches out too much of the good liver flavor.

Just search for "Raymond Black chicken liver."
702551 March 9, 2016
That's "Raymond Blanc." That pesky auto-correct thing again.
LeBec F. March 8, 2016
Bevi March 4, 2016
Check the Bon Appetite archives. I once made a mousse from BA that was light and delicious.
cookbookchick March 4, 2016
Thanks, Bevi!
LeBec F. March 8, 2016
thx bevi, i did go through the whole list and one thing appealed to me; most didn't have enough booze iirc!
cookbookchick March 4, 2016
Funny you should mention it, LBF! I had a delicious chicken liver mousse at a restaurant in Columbia, MD, last Saturday. Ever since, I've been searching for a comparable recipe. It was very light, un-livery, like a whipped chocolate mousse sort of texture. I wonder if I can beg for the recipe from the chef? I did fix one of their toilets in the "Mesdame" room once, when the flushing gizmo was stuck. They owe me, n'est-ce pas? ;-) (Very good French restaurant called Petit Louis, if any locals are interested.)
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