Love rotisserie chicken!

I love rotisserie chicken and use it for chicken salad, rollups, tacos, burritos and just snacking. What do you make out of it? Always looking for new ideas and recipes to try!



My F. April 29, 2016
I love making adding peanut butter for "satay" or "PB&J" shredded chicken. You can use it in lettuce wraps, on a sandwich over rice, or with any asian style noodle (if you live near a Wegman's their frozen "asian classics" udon noodles have my favorite texture to hold up to an uber-peanut-y sauce).

These are the proportions I use for 1-2 servings for the sauce:
½ cup shredded chicken
2 tbsp [any nut or seed] butter- A natural, crunchy PB is best for taste and texture. cashew butter or tahini are good for those who need to be careful of peanut or nut allergies respectively.
1 tbsp jam/marmalade- I recommend starting with plum jam, tamarind chutney, or fig jelly if the idea sounds weird, but I've never found a jam that doesnt work.
2 tsp vinegar- preferably unseasoned rice vinegar or lime/lemon juice
2 tsp soy sauce- Use Tamari, Worcestershire, or Fish sauce is you are gluten-free
1 tsp sesame/neutral oil- this is just for added moisture/tenderness it is optional or can be replaced by water, juice, or vinegar depending on taste.
Seasoning to taste- fresh pepper and a spoonful of gochujang or sriracha is what I do, but a little lemon juice and cinnamon would also work well.
Kristen W. April 29, 2016
This is a great weeknight version of a chicken pot pie that uses rotisserie chicken:
Sam1148 April 28, 2016
I use them for "Peking Duck". Coat them a bit with Hoisin sauce. Then into a oven to crisp up the skin to "really crisp". Then serve slices of the crispy skin and meat with flour tortillas. Brush the tortillas with sesame oil and put in pair 'face to face' cover with a wet towel and microwave a stack to steam them.

Then serve the duck...ahh... chicken with green onions cut in to 'brushes'. and more hoisin sauce.
Basically, look at Peking duck serving suggestions and use a Rotisserie chicken crisped with hoisin sauce instead of duck.

amysarah April 28, 2016
I love a good rotisserie chicken too. Besides things already mentioned - Cobb Salad; a classic club sandwich (my favorite); chicken enchiladas/Enchiladas Suizas; quesadillas. Super easy faux "Peking" Chicken - slice the meat/crispy skin and wrap in warm flour tortillas, spread with Hoisin sauce and sliced scallion.
AntoniaJames April 28, 2016
I highly recommend this (Merrill's warm chicken and potato salad): I've only made it with home roasted chickens, but a rotisserie chicken would work just as well. I always deglaze my pan sauces from the skillet (after dinner) with a splash of water, to use in the vinaigrette. You could do the same thing with the juices that collect in the bottom of the rotisserie chicken container - pour 1/4 cup of boiling water in it, let it sit for a few minutes, and then pour it off into a jar until ready to make the salad.
My family is crazy about this. With some steamed green beans, or whatever other vegetables I have on hand, added to it (like tomatoes in the summer), it's a wonderful one-plate dinner.
;o) P.S. I just put it on my menu plan for next week.
Susan W. April 28, 2016
I love making Chipotle style rice bowls. Cilantro lime rice, beans of some sort, tomatoes (in season), corn (love Trader Joe's roasted frozen corn in this) salsa, avocados, cheese and sour cream if desired.
sexyLAMBCHOPx April 28, 2016
I make this at least 1x month - so easy and delicious.
inpatskitchen April 28, 2016
This recipe is terrific!
pierino April 28, 2016
Try it on a brioche bun. Beats a hamburger.
Bascula April 28, 2016
I would also use the carcasses to make a flavorful chicken stock.
HalfPint April 28, 2016
I am told by several food blogs and forums to use this recipe for supermarket style roast chicken,
BerryBaby April 28, 2016
Thank you, HalfPint, but I'm looking for recipes 'using' a pre-made rotisserie chicken. I find them to be very convenient. Do you have any ideas?
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