Why my 'viewing' doesn't register when I open a recipe...

I have been viewing recipes for the egg contest and none of them register. Those that have zero, still have zeroes after I view it. Does anyone know why?



BerryBaby May 5, 2016
Thank you! I appreciate your reply and will direct future questions, such as this one, to the email provided.
Lindsay-Jean H. May 5, 2016
Hi BerryBaby -

The system is set up to wait until a recipe has gained a certain number of new views (29 I believe) and then update the count, so you'll see the view counts jump up in steps of a couple dozen(ish) views at a time. If you haven't seen a recipe's count go up yet, that means it still has some more views to go before the visible count is updated. This is done to take it easy on our servers, but we recognize that it isn't an ideal solution long term. Sorry for any confusion!

For future reference, the best way to reach us with question about the site is to shoot us an email: [email protected]
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