Two questions about "Hands Off" recipe contest

So is the current contest only open to US citizens? And is only one submission allowed?



Lindsay-Jean H. January 26, 2018
We're grateful to our eagle-eyed members for bringing up the points regarding US-only entries, prizes, and the single entry limitation. The single entry limitation and US-only entry restriction aren't new additions to our contest rules, but they were important ones for us to carefully address. We're happy to say that we've updated the rules to remove the single entry limitation.

We opted to forgo prizes for multiple reasons, one of the main ones being that we heard from our community that entering our contests was more about the participation than the prizes. We've looked into removing the US-only entry restriction, but have discovered some potential legal issues, so we need to stick with that for now. Thanks for your understanding and patience as we get back into the groove of contests. And for our international F52ers, we'd love to see you get involved in our community in other ways, from engaging with other members on the Hotline, to sending story ideas to [email protected] (read more on that process here:, to joining our Facebook clubs (find the Cookbook Club here: and the Baking Club here: We look forward to hearing from you!
inpatskitchen January 26, 2018
Thanks for the clarification Lindsay-Jean. Hopefully our out of country friends will be able to join the contests soon..
inpatskitchen January 26, 2018
So I've re-read the contest rules and now cannot find the "only one recipe per contest" statement but the only US residents can participate is still there. Will it stay? This contest ends in 5 days and there may be those who wish to enter but are in "limbo".

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sexyLAMBCHOPx January 24, 2018
It's a huge turnoff that in lieu of a prize and community voting & testing is replaced by social media postings as recognition.
ChefJune January 24, 2018
I couldn't agree with you more. Not sure why that's supposed to inspire me to create recipes for this contest.
BerryBaby January 24, 2018
I fully agree, what’s the motivation? Many on the Hotline receive recognition for our comments we make when republished in articles.
Bevi January 24, 2018
Wait... there is no community voting? What did I miss?

Lindsay-Jean H. January 24, 2018
Hi Bevi, there is still community voting! If you haven't seen it yet, you can find more details in this post:
BerryBaby January 23, 2018
I’ll add to your question, Pat.
If it is determined only one submission is allowed, how do we delete entries?
BerryBaby January 23, 2018
I’ll add to your question, Pat.
If it is determined only one submission is allowed, how do we delete entries?
BerryBaby January 23, 2018
I’m sure Lindsay-Jean will report back but why wouldn’t everyone be able to participate? There’s no dollar value and the winner gets mentioned in an article no prize is awarded.
Lindsay-Jean H. January 23, 2018
Hi Pat, we did see these questions on the related post, we'll get back to you soon! We're just clarifying a couple of things on our end.
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