A question/suggestion about foodpickle.

Hey Magic Pickle Chiefs, when "A question about a recipe" is posted, can you make the recipe link open up in a new window? That way we won't have to keep hitting the "go back" key.

And the same goes for when we're viewing a recipe and notice that there has been a question posted about the recipe, can you make the foodpickle question open up in a new window?

e.g. when folks include links in their answers, those links open up in a new window. Much better that way, I think.

Just trying to improve on the greatness that is the Magic Pickle. Thank you!



mrslarkin March 13, 2011
Peter, if I hold down the control key and click on the link, the link opens in a new tab. I'll check out my preferences later and see if I can change my settings!

Gotta go pick up my daughter. Thanks for the help!
Peter March 13, 2011
MrsLarkin, we control whether clicking opens the new page in the same window/tab or a new one. If it's a new one, it's not under our control as to whether it's a new tab or a new window -- that's something you control in your browser's "preferences".

And as I mentioned above, there's usually a key you can hold down when clicking that will open the link in a new tab/window -- that way you can move a little faster and not have to right-click and then select "open link in new tab" every time.

mrslarkin March 13, 2011
Sorry, Peter, I was mixing up my techie terms. I meant it would be helpful if the link would open up in a new TAB. I can see how a new window would confuse a lot of none-computer-savvy folks.

I guess we will all have to get used to right-clicking on the mouse and choosing "open link in new tab", but would prefer if it did that automatically.
Peter March 13, 2011
BurntOfferings, the way you suggest having each Foodpickle open in a new window or tab is not the way the vast majority of people would expect the page to work -- most people just look at the one or to questions that interest them. Having it open in a new tab or window would be unexpected at best, confusing at worst.

As a Food52 power user (we need a better name for that) I'm going to reply on you learning how to open new links in a new window or tab.

For example, in Firefox for Mac, you hold down the "command" key when clicking and the page the link leads to will open in a new window or tab (depending on how you have things set in your preferences.) The same is true in Safari.

Burnt O. March 12, 2011
@Peter - one of the many things I LOVE about Food52, is that when A&M post the weekly list of editor's picks for us to fight over, you can quickly and easily pop open the recipes without going to a different page. It pops a new window open, you can glance at the recipe, close it, and move down the list, or keep it open and move down the list, saving it for later. Couldn't the same thing be done with foodpickle? Just click on the question and open a new frame instead of having to go back to the previous page. This is a slightly different question than mrslarkin asked, but it's the same idea.
gigiaxline March 11, 2011
You can always right click and select "open in new tab" when clicking on a link.
Peter March 11, 2011
All, thanks for the opinions. To be honest, this is a tough call -- most sites don't ever open anything in a new window/tab -- it tends to confuse some of the less tech-savvy out there...

...and while the three of you know what's going on a lot of people are confused when they click something (and depending on what browser they're using and how it's preferences are set) a new tab or a new window opens and may or may not be the place they land.

That said, it's terrible that we're so inconsistent. So, with all this in mind, how would you feel if ALL clicks across the site acted the same and kept you in the same tab/window? Are there times where you feel it would be hard to get back where you came from?

Oh, and happy weekend cooking everyone!

TiggyBee March 11, 2011
In complete agreement. Hitting the back button sometimes takes me to the home page, not even the original question.
susan G. March 11, 2011
The new window/new page from a link is inconsistent -- good suggestion from mrslarkin.

(You seem to have fixed one of my annoyances -- after answering a question, "back" now takes us right to the question page...right?)
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