What spices create the glory that is Thai tea?

What kind of tea leaves?
In what manner do you steep the tea? The spices (ground or whole)? Proportions?
Do you reduce the tea liquor to make a concentrate?
Do you include cinnamon? (Some contend this is the difference between Thai and Chai)

We're talking Thai as in Thailand, not Indian chai. No pre-made mixes either, which is most of what I get from search engines. Any thoughts are greatly appreciated! If nobody knows, I solemnly swear to figure this out.

I've had reasonable success with these recipes, but they're vague/not quite right:

Sean R
  • Posted by: Sean R
  • May 6, 2016


Susan W. May 7, 2016
Good idea to add a bit of tang. I may try it with a drop of lime. Please report back with your tamarind experiment. :)
Susan W. May 6, 2016
This isn't the exact one I've used, but very close. If you don't use the Thai tea mix, yours won't have that yellowish orange color, but it will still be delicious. Also, put a drop of vanilla in it. The Thai tea has it in the mix.
Sean R. May 6, 2016
Hey Susan! Was there supposed to be a link in your answer? I'm super curious about your recipe!
Susan W. May 6, 2016
Lol..sorry Sean. Here's the link.
Sean R. May 7, 2016
It turned out beautifully, definitely the best recipe I've tried so far (plus your vanilla recommendation)! I'm going to add tamarind next to see if the tangy-ness jives.... Thank you so much, Susan! I'm delighted. :)
Susan W. May 6, 2016
Are you speaking of the wonderful Thai iced tea that is quite sweet? If so, part of the magic is sweetened, condensed milk. I have a really good recipe somewhere. I'll look for it.
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