Is there a way, using functionality on the (Not)Recipes app, to copy the URL from a (Not)Recipe after posting it? I figured out an easy workaround.

But want to make sure that it's actually necessary.

I sought to include a URL to one of my (Not)Recipes in a text box, commenting on the pancake post today, but could not find a "copy URL" function in the app interface.

Thanks, everyone. (And let me know if you need or are otherwise interested in the workaround.) ;o)



Ryan M. May 13, 2016
There sure is!

Once you are on a (Not)Recipe tap the share icon in the upper-right hand of the screen:

From there the iOS share sheet will appear where you can tap "Copy":

After doing so, the (Not)Recipe image, URL and description will be in your clipboard.

Hope that helps!
AntoniaJames May 13, 2016
Thanks for the clarification! When I pasted in from the "copy" feature, I only pasted the photo. I did not think to go back to the clipboard to look for the URL.

I've actually never used the clipboard on my iPhone 5.

Does anyone know how to access it, when there is more than one item there? The usual means of retrieving - pasting - provides the photo only. A second tap to "paste" simply pastes the photo again.

I realize that this is not a food-related question, but it does relate to the functionality - and usability - of (Not)Recipes. I have had no success finding the answer online.

FWIW, my workaround is simply to go to Google and to paste in, in quotes, exactly, 8 or more words from the text of the (Not)Recipe. My go-to solution for the past 16 years - Google search - produced exactly what I needed, instantly.

Thanks again, Ryan, and to anyone who can solve the mystery of the iPhone 5 clipboard.

AntoniaJames June 13, 2016
Okay, I still haven't figured out how to gain access to anything other than the most recent item put in the "clipboard" on my iPhone 5. But I did notice that if you tap the "share" icon and send the NotRecipe itself as a mail message, the entire text portion of the NotRecipe goes into the message; at the very bottom, the URL appears.
Just thought I'd pass this on . . . . .
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