Online Recipe or Pancake Box Recipe

So, I want to make some pancakes using the pancake mix that I just bought, I originally want to use the recipe I found online but the pancake box already has a recipe.

My question is it fine for me to use the recipe I found online, or just use the recipe on the pancake box

  • Posted by: Reycook
  • August 20, 2021


AntoniaJames August 20, 2021
I agree with the other comments but might add that if you follow the recipe on the box, you can still customize it in certain ways. For example, I always add a teaspoon or so of vanilla per 2 serving-size batch, along with a big pinch of cinnamon and a smaller pinch of nutmeg.

These days, I make my own pancake mix - a much better option here at 5,000 ft -- but when I had kids at home and could get Bette's Ocean View Diner pancake mix when I lived in the Bay Area, I always fancied it up - lemon zest + blueberries, warm spices + vanilla, pumpkin pie spice, etc.

I make a 10X batch of dry ingredients, weigh it, and then divide by 10 to get the amount per batch (in grams). I store the mix in a container designed for pouring, and - until I had it memorized - put the quantities of the wet ingredients on a piece of tape on the top of the container. So easy! ;o)
Reycook August 25, 2021
Thanks for the anwser
drbabs August 20, 2021
To add to what Nancy said, the pancake mix likely has a lot of the ingredients in powdered form already added, so if you’re using it, you wouldn’t want to change the formulation.

And when you’re ready to not use a mix, here are about 100 recipes that have been tested by Food52 staff and community members.,test-kitchen-approved&o=relevance
Reycook August 20, 2021
Nancy August 20, 2021
Agree...good point about added ingredients included in the pancake mix vs making from scratch for an online recipe.
Nancy August 20, 2021
If you're not sure, start with the recipe on the box.

Why? Companies want you to buy the product many times, so the recipe on the box is tested many times in their kitchens for clarity, east of use, taste.

Sometimes, they are standard, not exciting, but do work. Often, they are very good. Occasionally, like the Campbell Soup green bean casserole, they become classics.

After you have made the on-the-box recipe a few times, you can search for more online according to your taste.
* If you do know cooking websites, pick ones you like and find reliable.
* If you don't know them, look for highest rating by number of stars and/or a number between parentheses, indicating home cooks have tried and liked it.

Also, few good sites for baking and/or pancakes include:
King Arthur Flour,
Martha Steward,
Nancy August 20, 2021
Spelling - should read Martha Stewart.
Also - obviously - many more good sites than these four, which are just a few recommendations.
Reycook August 20, 2021
Thanks for the answer
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