Can one finish cooking a frittata in a 300 degree F oven? I'm considering the Madura Zwilling fry pan but it's oven max is 300 F.

Here is the link to the product in the Shop:
Also, I'm wondering about people's experiences with it, in terms of durability over the long haul . . . . as in, is the surface still good after 9 or 12 months, or longer? Are you happy you bought it? Any reservations?

(And wouldn't it be nice if the Food52 Shop had a comments /questions/ review section so that people could weigh in, as is possible on so many other commercial platforms?)

Thanks, everyone. ;o)



Rebecca S. May 18, 2016
You're absolutely right Antonia, the pans handle is plastic however it can go in the oven as per the manufacturer's note. Just make sure it's under that 300 degree mark!
Rebecca S. May 18, 2016
Hi there Antonia! Great question, I'd personally use a much higher temperature to finish my frittata. I love to get that fluffy texture and brown edges that I don't think you can achieve from a lower, temperature oven. While I love the Madura pans, they're probably one of the most popular pans in our shop, I'd suggest a different one for this specific application (not to say these *can't* go in the oven, they certainly can, just not over that 300 mark)! Some great ones for this would be the tried and true cast iron: -- this copper beauty or even a stainless steel go-to .

If you're generally curious about the Madura pan's durability, these are certainly the workhorses of our staff's kitchens. I would say almost everyone in the office has one (or more) of these and uses them with frequency. If given the proper TLC (dishwasher safe, but hand-washing is recommended) these will last a lifetime! Note, metal utensils are safe to use with the PFOA-free multilayer DuraSlide Granite nonstick coating, I still use wooden or silicone on mine--just to be safe!

I'm so happy you suggested the comment section on the shop product pages, Antonia--that's a feature we've been toying with for quite some time now! It may be coming to a Food52 shop near you ;)
AntoniaJames May 18, 2016
Thank you, Rebecca.

One more question: Is the handle of this fry pan plastic? I looked at the comments of purchasers of the Madura pan on Amazon; one purchaser of a pan that from all appearances is identical stated that the instructions say that "if the fry pan handle is plastic", the pan should not be put in the oven at all.
Thanks again. ;o)
Greenstuff May 18, 2016
300 is pretty low. Even if it worked for frittatas, I think I'd consider the Scanpans, which are good to 500. I have three of them, and they've held up well.
AntoniaJames May 18, 2016
Ouch. That should be "its" oven max. Yikes. Sorry about that. ;o)
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