What am I doing wrong with my sorbet?

I recently purchased the Ciao Bella cookbook with some amazing recipes. On the last couple sorbetto recipes I made I've noticed some unfrozen simple syrup at the bottom. I'm mixing the mixture before adding it to the jar but I still get the syrup at the bottom. What am I doing wrong?

Adam Vasquez
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1 Comment

Shuna L. May 22, 2016
Even if you are using a commercial ice cream maker, you can get separation of juice/water/syrup in frozen sorbet - it mostly depends on the kind of fruit/juice you are using. I have the most separation with citrus sorbets. Unless you want to use a stabilizer, this will happen.

This being said, not all sorbet should be made with simple syrup. This is the "rule" I use: when my coulis is mostly solids, I use simple syrup to sweeten it, but when my fruit is mostly liquid, I use superfine sugar (not confectioner's.)

If, when you are making your fruit purée/coulis, you see a separation in your blender/container, make sure to whisk it a bunch before pouring into your ice cream maker. The colder that mixture is, and the faster your machine works, and the less sugar your mixture has, the less likely your sorbet will separate.

I say embrace it though. I would rather have separation than add ingredients like stabilizer to my beautiful fresh fruit coulis!

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