A question about cocktails.


I am planning on bottling pre-mixed cocktails as party favors for a party that I am hosting (2 ounce bottles). The cocktail has alcohol, bitters, and also simple syrup. I am curious how long the mixture can be stored for. I have read that simple syrup can go bad, so I just wanted to make sure that these little bottles won't have a short expiration date.

Does anyone have an idea about that?


  • Posted by: scott
  • January 21, 2015


Greenstuff January 22, 2015
Just alcohol, bitters, and simple syrup? I'd call that a "liqueur," not a "cocktail," and you can find lots of info on homemade liqueurs on the web. I've made a lot of them, and yes, they last 6 months.
scott January 21, 2015
So since it is mostly alcohol it should likely last at least six months out of fridge?
dinner A. January 21, 2015
Although simple syrup on its own can grow mold, your cocktails sound like they'll have a high enough percentage of alcohol to prevent any microbial growth. Even lower proof and sugary spirits like Campari and Aperol are shelf-stable for years. To be extra sure, you could boil the simple syrup for 5 min shortly before using it, and also sterilize the bottles in boiling water.
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