Lemongrass syrup?

Weird question! I had a bunch of lemongrass that I wanted to use up, so I made a quick flavored simple syrup with it. Now I've got a mason jar full of lemongrass syrup in my fridge and no real plans on what to do with it. Anyone have some ideas on what I could do with it? Cocktails? Cakes?



Panfusine December 29, 2014
Muddle vodka with with THai basil and a bit of ginger, add the lemongrass simple syrup and top up with seltzer
Maedl December 30, 2014
Or substitute Prosecco for the vodka. happy New Year!
Nancy December 29, 2014
Great addition to lemonade or ginger tea, plain or alcoholic. Also possibly will work in a noodle, bread or rice pudding with Asian/fusion flavor profile. Add to whipped cream to top filled sweet dumplings or fruit compote. Use in a barbecue sauce to finish roast chicken or duck. Enjoy and let us know which way(s) you used & most enjoyed it.
HalfPint December 29, 2014
Use as a topping for fresh silken tofu. The fresher your tofu, the better this dessert is.
TobiT December 29, 2014
Add to green tea - hot or iced.
Fruit sorbet or granita.
Also (though I've never tried this) - maybe add to some sort of nut cake?
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