Carrot Cake Disaster/Cakes did not release

Made carrot cake cupcakes (for the 100th time) and none released properly. Tastes delicious but all in pieces. I have frosting and not sure how to save. Lastly, people coming for dinner in 2 hours. UGH!



702551 May 22, 2016
Whirl it in a blender and call it "mousse."
ELCookie May 22, 2016
My son had a similar idea. Take the whole mess; cake and frosting and mix with vanilla ice cream and serve. I made carrot cake parfaits: a layer of cake and a layer or frosting then repeated in a parfait glass.
navahfrost May 22, 2016
You could also make them into cake truffles. Mix frosting and cake together to form a "dough" and roll it out into small balls. Dust with powdered sugar. yum.

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Amanda H. May 22, 2016
How about turning it into a carrot cake trifle. Fold softened cream cheese into sweetened whipped cream, the use this to layer with the cupcake pieces and crumbs.
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