Carrot Cake

Today I made an amazing carrot cake from Sally's Baking Addiction. Had look up many carrot cake recipes and used this as the base. What I found interesting it called for brown sugar 1-1/2 cups and 1/2 cup granulated. My switch was 1 cup brown, one cup granulated. Not sure if this made a hige difference in how ot turned out but it is delicious. Instead of cream in the frosting I use A fresh Meyer's Lemon juice and zest. I ate too much frosting and had sugar shakes but OMGosh, delicious! My question is by switching the sugar measurements, would that impact end result?

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Lindsay-Jean Hard
Lindsay-Jean Hard February 28, 2017

Yum! Here's a previous thread on some possible impacts of that sugar substitution:

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PieceOfLayerCake February 28, 2017

My go-to carrot cake recipe is an old Martha Stewart recipe that I adapted. I replaced all of the white sugar with brown sugar because, apart from adding a depth of flavor, brown sugar is more hygroscopic (water-loving) than white the end result was more moist. I've done this for chocolate, red-velvet cakes and banana cakes, as well as brownies. When making simple, dump and stir cakes (where oil is usually an ingredient), I don't regard too many rules when using sugar substitutes. And when creaming is involved, I will often substitute varying amounts of brown sugar. If it suits the flavor, I substitute brown sugar for white sugar in both my yellow and white cakes as well. I happen to LOVE the flavor that brown sugar imparts to baked goods, so as long as I think the caramel-y, molasses-y flavor pairs well, I don't think twice.

When working with baked goods that aren't contained by a pan (cookies, pastries, enriched breads) I may experiment with substitutions, but I am aware that the texture, rise or spread may be altered a bit. Things I've successfully used varying amounts of brown sugar in include the previous mentioned items as well as pastry cream/custard, chocolate chip cookies, banana bread, tart and pie crust, shortbread, various scones, coffee cake, flourless chocolate cake, ice cream base, meringue, marshmallows, cheesecake, pound cake, etc.

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