recipe calls for small potatoes - then they are sliced into halves or quarters, but the potatoes in the photo appear to be larger - confused about...

... the size of the potatoe

  • Posted by: Ethnea
  • May 25, 2016
Garlicky Roasted Potato Salad
Recipe question for: Garlicky Roasted Potato Salad


caninechef May 27, 2016
Besides ease of eating I think it is important to cut the potatoes so they have flat sides to maximum browning. I would go for small potatoes cut rather than tiny potatoes whole.
702551 May 25, 2016
Regardless the size of the individual potatoes, the point is to cut them into bite-sized pieces.

This is for a potato salad, a dish that is customarily eaten without further slicing after serving (unless you're feeding a little kid). Think about who is going to eat them and use your best judgment in cutting them down to a size that your guests would find comfortable putting in their mouths.

Good luck.
702551 May 25, 2016
The ones in the recipe are red creamers. If you scroll through the photo slideshow at the top of the recipe, you'll see a shot of someone cutting the potatoes. They appear to be standard size (what you would find in a typical grocery store), a little larger than a golf ball.
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