Has anyone baked with #Coconut Flour? If so, what did you think ? @Food52Hotline @nevenmaguire



mobloom June 1, 2016
I make these brownies with coconut flour. The batter gets pretty thick, so I sometimes add an extra egg (depending on how big my eggs are). The results are delicious.

My F. May 27, 2016
The most successful baking project that I've used Coconut Flour in was about 2/3 of a cup in a King Cake -esque pastry. It added a subtle, aromatic coconut flavor and made the crumb of the dough more tender since, as Amy mentioned, it contains neither of the proteins that create gluten.

A dough made with coconut flour in addition to wheat flour will tear very easily so I wouldn't try it for anything that requires much working or kneading of the dough. On the other hand you can use a much higher ratio of coconut to wheat flour in batters. It would be great in a citrusy muffin or waffle batter. But finding the right kind/amount of leavening might take a few test batches.
Amy May 27, 2016
Well, I haven't actually baked with it, but as a baker, I can tell you that it won't have any gluten structure at all. What are you using it for? It absolutely will not be a 1:1 replacement for regular flour, because it's missing the gluten.
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