Can I substitute coconut flour directly for all purpose baking flour?? I'm making the blueberry galette and am trying to eat Paleo!



Yianna August 30, 2014
Coconut flour has a completely different composition of macro & micro nutrients from AP flour, and tends to absorb a lot of moisture - unfortunately for that reason it usually isn't used as a direct substitution because the dough tends to be more dry and crumbly when used in same amounts.

However, there are plenty of paleo pastry doughs around the net; popular ones including using almond flour or a combination of almond/coconut flours rubbed in with palm shortening, coconut oil, honey and sometimes eggs. I'm fairly sure one of these recipes would work for the blueberry galette. This pie crust here by Elana's pantry uses almond flour, but she definitely has other ones that uses a conjunction of both. You could most probably play around with them too :)
Amy August 30, 2014
No, you can't. Coconut flour won't have any gluten structure in it. Regular flour does.
CookOnTheFly August 26, 2014
Ah, no. Coconut flour needs more moisture and also needs to sit for a bit to absorb it. I'd have to look at the recipe, but I would never do a direct substitution of just coconut flour.
Susan W. August 26, 2014
Unfortunately, they are not interchangeable. Until you figure out how to work with coconut flour, I would google Paleo Galette and see what pops up. You could use gluten free mix, but they are usually full of things that are anything but paleo.
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