Ideas for a wok party. Beef, chicken and veggies are handled. I need a fish dish, can be dumplings or anything else. Help.



HalfPint May 31, 2016
Make some Chinese steam buns, "bao". You can get them ready made and frozen. Or you can prep ahead and steam them during the party.
My F. May 31, 2016
My favorite dumplings to make are simply shrimp and corn with lots of mint and either basil or cilantro. Sear on one or both sides depending on how good your wok holds heat (mine is very thin so I have to sear on both to cook through). Then drizzle with black vinegar or a sauce similar to the one Ben describes above.
Mary W. May 31, 2016
Thank you
Ben M. May 31, 2016
I agree with PHIL a whole steamed fish is beautiful but you need guests that are ok dealing with bone in fish. Since it is Asian themed I would take lemongrass and ginger or galangal stuffed in the belly and steam. A simple sauce to put over the fish such as Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, sugar and lime juice would be a good place to start. It is a very Thai dish in flavor. Check out Hot Thai Kitchen for details
Mary W. May 31, 2016
Thank you.

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PHIL May 31, 2016
I would do a whole fish, fried of steamed in the wok. You could do fillets too but the whole fish makes for a nice presentation.
Mary W. May 31, 2016
Thank you.
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