.. so some people hate the crema fresa. if i put creme fraiche in a burrito, would that be a disaster.



ChefDaddy January 18, 2011
Exactly... you want the best food... follow the day laborors and see where they go. You can't go wrong.
pierino January 18, 2011
I would add that maybe ChefDaddy and myself are both right on this one. The burrito functions as "border food" in the same way as the fish taco does. It's almost of neither place---Ensenada, Juarez and so on. As I understand it the history of the term referred first to the donkey that actually delivered it, but it was really another form of taco. In the US it was first popularized in LA. Bigger, badder an wetter. In my old home town there was a place that sold great tacos and burritos with tongue, hog maw and cheek meat. I always thought who in this beach town is buying this except for me? Turned out it was day laborers who were rushing in from painting and pouring cement and stuff for the gabachos.
ChefDaddy January 18, 2011
Susan g: No offense but the burrito is much like a sandwich, it is a portable meal. A streat vendor food so to speak. Something easy to eat. In my opinion burrito's don't usually have sides. That's the beauty of them. It's all on the inside so you can eat on the run.
susan G. January 18, 2011
Why not put the creme fraiche on the side?
ChefDaddy January 18, 2011
Not that I disagree with my pal pierino but I have had many burrito's south and way south of the border. Just that the ones down there had brains and tongue or just plain beans. Although like Italy there are different regions that have anything from a slight to enormous difference in food.
pierino January 18, 2011
But really the burrito is a Cal-Mex thing anyway. In Mexico a burrito would be a method of transportation or pack animal rather than a meal. And the creme fraiche would work well over enchiladas as well. The comparison would be to Italian-American food which has practically nothing to do with the cooking of Italy.
ChefDaddy January 18, 2011
Being from California I have seen the burrito evolve to the point that there is no taboo. But the latino community will snear at anything that isn't traditional like any other culture would about thier food. But, with the younger generations I've seen this relax as well. I'll put anything in a burrito if I'm hungry and it sounds good at the time.
hardlikearmour January 18, 2011
Of course not. It's not much different from adding sour cream & it's delicious! It will add a nice creamy and cool note.
Kristen M. January 18, 2011
No way! I think it would be delicious. It's a bit less tangy than sour cream, but would have the same nice cooling effect to balance out spicier components like salsa.
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