We made burgers the other night called Fajita Burgers. The chicken ones were great, the beef ones were disgusting. The recipe called for a lot of thyme. We frozen two extra burger patties before realizing how they tasted. Is there something we can add that would get rid of the taste of thyme so we can still eat the burgers?


  • Posted by: mishale
  • January 18, 2011


infojules January 18, 2011
The meat would be wonderful in a meat loaf. Just add some other meat of your choice to dilute the thyme and don't add any other herbs (well maybe some fresh parsley) to the mix.
ChefDaddy January 18, 2011
I would save them for a nice red meat sauce.
Fantastic M. January 18, 2011
Mass quantities of BBQ sauce. If you can't remove it, and you can't dilute it, you can always mask it completely.
hardlikearmour January 18, 2011
I think you're going to have to repurpose them. I'd think about crumbling them up and mixing them into a rice or noodle dish with a complimentary sauce. You can't remove the thyme taste, but you can dilute it!
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