i have already cooked ground beef i want to make it into a burger patty, how would i go about it

  • Posted by: liv
  • May 10, 2018


Valentino V. June 17, 2019
In cooking fat is usually used as a binding agent.
Here's what I tried with mixed results, but effective nonetheless.
Melt cheese into thick beef stock (fattier is better) or some lard if on hand.
Let cool until you're able to use it as a "clay" to mold the meat into patties. The quantity is important. Use too little and they crumble, use too much and they melt. I used about 2 tbsp of the "mixture" per patty.
Freeze the ABC patties overnight.
Throw on a hot skillet without thawing.
Since the meat is cooked, you just want to see that it's heated to at or above 165F.
If you succeed, enjoy!
Peter March 24, 2019
I know I’m late but I have a decent solution to making a burger patty from already cooked ground beef. First i got a cirlcular Tupperware made from glass about the size of a burger, I put meat in there and put it to warm up in my oven. After I took it out once it was warm and put two cut up string cheeses and mixed it to make sure there’s some all over the meat, and put it back in the oven until the cheese fully melted. I prepared the bread I was going to use and flipped the tupperware over the bottom bread to get it on there. Some meat fell off the sides but most stayed together inside the burger. I also forgot to say I used pepper and garlic on the meat because when I cooked the meat I only used premade seasoning which isn’t good for burgers. Hope this helps someone.
MMH May 12, 2018
Look for a loose meat hamburger recipe - if you are from the Midwest similar to Made Rite Hamburgers.
Smaug May 11, 2018
I once, in my foolish youth, attempted to do something of the sort by binding it with egg- didn't work at all, but it did teach me something about the effectiveness of egg as a binder for meat.
Peter March 24, 2019
You should of used cheese it works surprisingly well, unless you’re lactose intolerant haha
jopqa May 11, 2018
Agree with other replies on this thread. I think that ship has sailed, but you could make a great sauce or sloppy joe from it! Good luck.
Peter March 24, 2019
I mixed cheese with the already cooked meat and made an amazing burger that for the most part held up.
BerryBaby May 10, 2018
Options...Make it into Sloppy Joes.
Use it in spaghetti sauce.
Turn it into chili.
Saute onions, peppers, eggs, and beef for an egg scramble.
You won’t be able to make a hamburger out of it but lots of other fun dishes.
Stephanie B. May 10, 2018
If it's already cooked and crumbly, I would say you don't, sorry. I would be curious if anyone else has a creative fix though, maybe I'm wrong. But it wouldn't hurt to think of another use for your ground beef.
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