Best Sauce (mostly for chicken) that doesn't contain these ingredients in it: 1.Vinegar 2.Garlic 3.Onion?

  • Posted by: Ryan
  • June 7, 2016


Susan W. June 8, 2016
I rarely eat noodles. Having them tonight. Thanks amysarah!
PHIL June 8, 2016
I agree on the pan sauce. Just last night I made some chicken breasts with just salt and pepper in olive oil. after the chicken is done, take it out and slice some lemons and saute them to get some browning on them. add some white wine and a little flour and let thicken, pour over the chicken. throw some spinach in the pan and wilt it and you're done Let us know what you decide to make.
BerryBaby June 8, 2016
Phil, I so agree! I do this and add a tablespoon of capers for a little extra zing.
QueenSashy June 7, 2016
... and you can stretch pan sauce by many miles if you start "complicating" things: you can add lemon and herbs, or mustard and pomegranate molasses, or ginger and lime, ... It's a world of possibilities.
Susan W. June 8, 2016
And soy sauce. I am so obsessed with butter and soy sauce these days.
amysarah June 8, 2016
Susan, if you like butter/soy - scroll down to Garlic Butter Noodle recipe: I use soy sauce (not Maggi) - easy 'pantry' recipe and truly addictive. (Sorry - off topic for chicken question!)
Susan W. June 8, 2016
Yum Amysarah! I actually kind of like the idea of Maggi and butter.
Here's another one: (sorry again for off topic)
amysarah June 8, 2016
Steak, butter and soy - what's not to like?

I agree, Maggi/butter sounds great, I just always have soy sauce handy. Either way, these noodles are really luscious.
HalfPint June 7, 2016
A pan sauce: season chicken with salt and pepper, brown and cook in oil in pan, remove chicken, deglaze pan with good drinkable alcohol (e.g. white wine, marsala, sherry, etc) or broth/stock (use low sodium), reduce the liquid by half or more, adjust seasoning if needed, swirl in a pat of butter (this can help thicken a thin sauce), pour over chicken, serve.
Ryan June 7, 2016
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